We offer a broad range of global CLO investment strategies with varying risk-vs-return profiles. Our fundamentally driven strategies target returns ranging from Libor/Euribor + 2% to 20% IRRs, depending on risk appetite.

We design our funds to track compelling, secular opportunities in the CLO markets, be it to take focus on distressed sellers during market dislocations, pervasive technically driven mis-pricings in parts of the CLO capital structure, majority control and activism in CLO Equity, in relative value based CLO mezzanine note investments or in providing Risk Retention capital to the market. Our funds are deliberately sized in the $ 250 million to $ 400 million range, allowing us to deliver rapid ramp-up with short investment periods.

We aim to raise a fund every year, allowing our repeat investors to achieve vintage diversity and short durations. Our Private Equity style funds are geared to deliver high teens IRRs but with a much shorter duration and a very shallow J-Curve compared to Private Equity funds. Our fixed income style funds that focus on CLO mezzanine notes, are designed to deliver high single digit floating rate returns, allowing investors to capture significant additional margins over comparable credit based asset classes such as High Yield Bonds, Leveraged Loans, and mezzanine ABS, CMBS and RMBS.